About us

Familyline started out 20 years ago with the aim of delivering a free, confidential helpline to support people with parenting issues and to play a key role in safeguarding the wellbeing of families.

Today we are proud to provide two free national telephone helplines and associated email support. “FamilyLine” for people of all ages with parenting or personal issues and I Need Help specifically concerned with giving young people a safe place to talk through the complex challenges they face.

Both use professionally trained volunteers to deliver emotional support through confidential, non-judgemental listening. No caller is rushed and no caller is turned away; whatever the issue the focus is on them, their fears and feelings.

We do not duplicate other services but empower the caller to take that important next step to resolution by signposting them to an appropriate specialist service. Our extensive database allows us to offer details of local and national organisations, plus many other kinds of support groups, who may provide help in other ways.

You can view our Annual Review here



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