Welcome to Michelle Goodhall, our new Fundraising and Marketing Manager



Familyline and I Need Help are delighted to introduce our new Fundraising and Marketing Manager,  Michelle Goodhall, who joined us at the beginning of the year.  We asked one of our volunteers to “interview” Michelle to find a bit more about her.

Hi Michelle, welcome aboard, it’s good to have you here.  How it’s all going?

Hi and thanks for the welcome, it’s great to be here.

It’s certainly been an exciting start to the New Year!  Everyone’s made me feel very welcome. There’s a lot to learn, I’ve been through handover notes, computer systems, office procedures and the working of the helpline with the helpline manager.  I’m getting to know a few more faces in the office and hope to get to meet all the Volunteers and Trustees over the next few weeks. My priorities are finding out more about how FamilyLine’s helpline callers are supported and getting started with the 2017 fundraising.

So very full on!  What’s your career background?

I have a background in Charity Marketing and Fundraising, having previously worked at Charities supporting people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health.

I actually started my working career managing property in an investment portfolio of a large financial investment company but when my youngest child started school, I went back to work part-time fundraising and marketing at a charity providing housing and training for people with disabilities. I organised fundraising events (including the charity’s 75th anniversary celebration events), promoted the Charity’s retail outlets, managed donations and worked to gain more donors and Corporate Charity Partnerships. On the marketing side I produced supporters’ newsletters, maintained the website, promoted the organisation in local media and set up and managed social media accounts.

In 2014 I took a career break to be there for relatives after experiencing two family bereavements. During this time I volunteered at a small mental health charity and managed their social media and online presence, promoting activities for people wishing to improve their emotional well-being.

Through working for charities I have developed an appreciation of how social media can be used to build community relationships and engage with charity supporters. In 2014-5 I studied with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) to obtain a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

I returned to employment on a temporary basis last year as Marketing Coordinator for a charity providing accommodation/care within a retirement village and then looked for a more permanent role.  And now – here I am at FamilyLine! 

And we’re very pleased to have you with all that fantastic experience and knowledge.  What appealed to you when you saw this job advertised?

Thank you.  I‘ve known about FamilyLine’s work for some time as I live locally and have a friend who works as one of your helpline volunteers. I’ve always enjoyed Fundraising, Marketing and working for charities that support people – people experiencing distress or hardship, or those wishing to gain more independence and confidence in their lives.

This role at FamilyLine ticks all the boxes, as well as giving me scope to use my fundraising and marketing experience. Of course the working hours (part-time) also allow me to work around my own family life with two children (one at primary school and the other taking GCSE’s later this year).

Finally, a less formal, hopefully fun, question for you.  What is your inherited song and what will be your inheritance song?  

My inherited song is “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO. It brings back happy memories of my late father. He used to play his favourite LPs each Sunday morning, ELO most often!

My Dad loved this song and I remember Christmas c. 1979 (showing my age now) when we’d just moved into a new house and my whole family including aunts, uncles and toddler cousins were dancing to this in the living room!  I also chose it because of the optimistic lyrics – a message to remember that the blue sky is always up there somewhere, although sometimes we can only see the grey clouds that are getting in the way!

The inheritance song is so much harder to choose. I’ve eventually chosen, “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Tears for Fears (I’m such an 80’s girl!). This song was on the first cassette tape I ever bought and I played it until the tape snapped!  At the time I was also busy reading “Smash Hits” and experimenting with blue eye liner, and a “flicked” Princess Di hairstyle with plenty of gel slicking back the sides! Even now if this song comes on the radio in the car my children are embarrassed when I sing it very badly and loudly!

Very interesting choices. 

 I feel like a celebrity now after doing my first ever interview, some thought-provoking questions! Perhaps they’ll be similar interviews with other FamilyLine staff and volunteers later in the year?

Now there’s an idea – watch this space!  But we must let you get back to work.  Thank you so much for your time, it’s very much appreciated.

Likewise, nice to chat and just a final message to readers of this blog, please support FamilyLine if you can, we’d love to hear from you. You might be thinking about fitness in 2017 and fancy challenging yourself with a sporting event to raise money to support our helpline (either by yourself or with friends or work colleagues) or perhaps organising a Charity Make and Bake sale at your school, college or workplace?  Whatever your ideas please do get in touch with me – Michelle 01372 841123.